HEADS UP x11/nvidia-driver USERS! Was (Re: cvs commit: src/sbin/newfs newfs.8 newfs.c src/sys/bus/cam cam_xpt.c src/sys/bus/cam/scsi scsi_cd.c scsi_ch.c scsi_da.c scsi_pass.c scsi_pt.c scsi_sa.c scsi_ses.c scsi_target.c src/sys/bus/firewire firewire.h fwdev.c src/sys/bus/iicbus iic.c ...)

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at hackerheaven.org
Wed May 19 20:23:59 PDT 2004

* Matthew Dillon (dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> dillon      2004/05/19 15:53:07 PDT


>   Log:
>   Device layer rollup commit.
>   * cdevsw_add() is now required.  cdevsw_add() and cdevsw_remove() may specify
>     a mask/match indicating the range of supported minor numbers.  Multiple
>     cdevsw_add()'s using the same major number, but distinctly different
>     ranges, may be issued.  All devices that failed to call cdevsw_add() before
>     now do.
>   * cdevsw_remove() now automatically marks all devices within its supported
>     range as being destroyed.

This commit breaks the binary nvidia driver. I have a revised driver in the 
works. It works already and is lightly tested. When I have done some more
tests, I'll submit. Don't cvsup yet if you use the binary nvidia driver!

Sodd's Second Law:
	Sooner or later, the worst possible set of circumstances is
bound to occur.

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