cvs commit: src/sys/conf files options src/sys/dev/video/bktr ioctl_bt848.h msp34xx.c CHANGELOG.TXT bktr_audio.c bktr_audio.h bktr_card.c bktr_card.h bktr_core.c bktr_core.h bktr_i2c.c bktr_i2c.h bktr_mem.c bktr_mem.h bktr_os.c bktr_os.h bktr_reg.h ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun May 16 17:36:39 PDT 2004

:* Joerg Sonnenberger (joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
:> joerg       2004/05/15 10:54:13 PDT
:>   Added files:
:>     sys/dev/video/bktr   ioctl_bt848.h msp34xx.c 
:>     sys/dev/video/meteor ioctl_meteor.h 
:>   Removed files:
:>     sys/i386/include     ioctl_bt848.h ioctl_meteor.h 
:This breaks world at installincludes.

    It also breaks buildworld if you have a read-only source tree because 
    buildworld's temporary include hierarchy symlinks 'machine' into

    I'll have this fixed in a moment, I'm just finishing a 
    buildworld/installworld sequence to make sure I fixed it.   Basically
    we can't create symlinks through machine/ in the include hierarchy,
    so I moved the symlink cleanup and creation for bt848 and meteor to
    the upgrade target.


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