cvs commit: site/src tablecg.c

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Fri Mar 5 06:01:11 PST 2004

hmp         2004/03/05 06:00:57 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    src                  tablecg.c 
  Major Website Overhaul, Part 1 of 3: with regard to standards, target
  code generation and general safety.  This and followup commits are for
  ensuring XHTML compliance.  I have also done other general cleanups.
    XHTML Compliance and Style:
  	* Add appropriate tags for automatically understanding the
  	  language encoding in place (UTF-8).  Usual meta tags and
  	  also an <?xml ... ?>.
  	* Add <DOCTYPE> tag for letting browsers and tools know about
  	  the document structure, which I have now turned fully into
  	  XHTML *MINUS* the commits that will followup to other files
  	  (part 2...)
  	* Change all tags into lowercase as required by XHTML.
  	* Fix all invalidate tag combinations and mistakes.
  	* Change all tags without an ending tag to be compliant with
  	  XHTML.  For example, tags like <br>, <img>, <hr> should be
  	  changed to <br />, <img blah blah blah />, <hr />.
  	* Add non-breaking space entities, when a <td> block is empty,
  	  otherwise some fully compliant (and not author suck-up) browsers
  	  will show a messed up table.
    General safety:
  	* Do not attempt to print sub-navigation table if the `files'
  	  array contains no entries, i.e. it is NULL.  This stops a
  	  whole host of errors from being generated in validators because
  	  the sub-navigation produces a bogus <table>...</table>.
  	* Substitute remaining use of malloc() with safe_malloc().
  The website does not validate yet, until I commit followup changes to the
  rest of the web tree.  Two more steps toward Buzz-word compliance.
  Tested on: firebird, links, ie5+6, opera
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.23      +67 -59    site/src/tablecg.c

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