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Max Laier max at
Fri Dec 12 06:46:58 PST 2003

Richard Coleman wrote:
Matthew Dillon wrote:

    I don't know who comes up with these names.  W^X?  IA32 does not 
    fine-grained permissions, the only way to make the stack 
    is to modify the SS segment register and while this does work, it 
    severe restrictions on how threaded programs can operate.
                    Matthew Dillon                     
<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, but OpenBSD supports other archs besides IA32.  I think it was IA32 
and PowerPC that didn't have the bits necessary to do W^X properly.  So 
the OpenBSD folks did the best they could with the bits that were 
provided.  I think it's pretty exciting stuff.
>> i386 PROT_EXEC best-effort
>> i386 lacks per-page X bit
>> Only significant relevant hardware feature:
>> 	code segment limit
>> 	3.2/3.3: points below bottom of stack -> no-exec stack
>> Link each shared object to have 1GB gap between code & data
>> Map all text segments low, all data segments 1GB higher
>> Set code segment limit register to point up to highest PROT_EXEC page
>> 	(floating CS limit)
>> 	Normally somewhere below 1GB
>> Will be in 3.4: W^X on i386
>> Changing CS limit is a bit expensive: slight overhead
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