cvs commit: src/contrib/gcc protector.c protector.h calls.c combine.c cse.c explow.c expr.c flags.h function.c gcse.c integrate.c libgcc2.c loop.c optabs.c reload1.c toplev.c src/gnu/usr.bin/cc/cc_int Makefile

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Wed Dec 10 23:30:21 PST 2003

-On [20031210 23:42], Matthew Dillon (dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>  Add -fstack-protector and -fno-stack-protector support to GCC.  Note
>  that the default is set to no protection (what it was before).  See:
>  Submitted-by: Ryan Dooley <dooleyr at xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Just wondering, wouldn't this allow someone to get hold of something
like SEIP, put shellcode on the heap and run that?

This is why they went the W^X way for all I know.

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