cvs commit: src/sys/vfs/ufs ffs_alloc.c

David Rhodus drhodus at
Sat Dec 27 11:23:38 PST 2003

drhodus     2003/12/27 11:23:02 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/vfs/ufs          ffs_alloc.c 
  *	Merge From FreeBSD
  Revision 1.116 by truckman
  Tweak the calculation of minbfree in ffs_dirpref() so that only
  those cylinder groups that have at least 75% of the average free
  space per cylinder group for that file system are considered as
  candidates for the creation of a new directory.  The previous formula
  for minbfree would set it to zero if the file system was more than
  75% full, which allowed cylinder groups with no free space at all
  to be chosen as candidates for directory creation, which resulted
  in an expensive search for free blocks for each file that was
  subsequently created in that directory.
  Modify the calculation of minifree in the same way.
  Decrease maxcontigdirs as the file system fills to decrease the
  likelyhood that a cluster of directories will overflow the available
  space in a cylinder group
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.8       +7 -7      src/sys/vfs/ufs/ffs_alloc.c

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