[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #1622] (Closed) devfs doesn't create my ad4s3 (macbook)

Max Herrgard via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun Mar 10 08:23:22 PDT 2013

Issue #1622 has been updated by herrgard.

Status changed from Feedback to Closed

I don't know really what's left and what we should do about it. devfs do create the devices in /dev, it's just that the slice number is off. This will confuse the installer as it expects ad4s3* but devfs created ad4s2*. Anyone hitting this while installing can use devfs rules to create links named ad4s3 pointing at ad4s2. You need to create links for the partitions (a, b, d etc) too.

I'll close this issue as I don't see it as a devfs bug any more. The question about how we should handle GPT/MBR tables is still open though.

I don't know if this issue with slice number being off is something that only upsets the installer on Macs with their hybrid GPT/MBR table.
Bug #1622: devfs doesn't create my ad4s3 (macbook)

Author: herrgard
Status: Closed
Priority: Normal
Assignee: alexh
Target version: 


DragonFly doesn't create ad4s3 in /dev. fdisk shows it. I don't know how  
this Mac (unibody macbook of late 2008) has its partitions set up, but  
it's probably in a weird way. I created the extra slice through bootcamp  
in OS X. Right now i have OpenBSD installed in it.

Attached is output of
verbose dmesg
dmesg with kern.disk_debug=3
fdisk ad4, ad4s0, ad4s1, ad4s2
gpt show ad4, ad4s0, ad4s1

I got the outputs using the live cd and what I want is to install  
DragonFly into this ad4s3 slice.
There was some crap in the top of the dmesgs that I cut off.


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