[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #1722] (Closed) DragonFlyBSD 2.5.1 (snapshot 31 March) - i386 - Assertion in vref

Antonio M. Huete Jimenez via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun Mar 10 06:34:12 PDT 2013

Issue #1722 has been updated by tuxillo.

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Not applicable anymore.
Bug #1722: DragonFlyBSD 2.5.1 (snapshot 31 March) - i386 - Assertion in vref

Author: tuxillo
Status: Closed
Priority: Normal
Target version: 


I haven't been able to reproduce it everytime I have tried, but certainly few 

ISO i386 snapshot from 31 March - I boot the LiveCD and mount a HAMMER 
filesystem which resides in my local disk ad4s1d (HAMMER v4) 
onto /root/target. Then, I chroot to /root/target/ and after a few commands I 
press Ctrl+Alt+Supr.

Sometimes the panic triggers inmediately, sometimes it triggers after some 
seconds during the shutdown process.


Although the dump seemed to be writen correctly in the disk, when I try to 
debug it, kgdb segfaults.

I will upload some pics of the panic when I got them.

Antonio Huete

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