[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #572] (In Progress) Installer: no option to set geometry/corrupts partition table

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Is this still relevant?
>From what I could read, the whole point was being able to specify geometry for a disk on the installer. I don't know whether it would be worthy nowadays.

Antonio Huete
Bug #572: Installer: no option to set geometry/corrupts partition table

Author: randux
Status: In Progress
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

Hi guys,

I installed the 1.8.0 release from the liveCD and it screwed up my 
partition table. How can I set the drive geometry so that the installer 
will use my c/h/s values instead of the (possibly incorrect) values said 
to be obtained from BIOS?

I noticed this problem in FreeBSD but it seems to have been mitigated by 
the installer offering a "G" option to set drive geometry around 6.1/6.2 
release, not sure exactly when.

I posted a question on the users list on Feb. 26 but hearing nothing 
(and wanting to install Dfly 1.8.0 release) I am posting here on bugs. 
Someone with a multiboot setup who doesn't track changes to his 
partition table can suffer loss of data because of this error. It could 
be a relatively serious problem, especially for newbies to multibooting 
as symptoms probably won't appear immediately, it will be difficult to 


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