[issue2127] regular panics with x86_64 on vmware

G.Isenmann (via DragonFly issue tracker) sinknull at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Thu Sep 1 03:49:00 PDT 2011

G.Isenmann <gisenmann at web.de> added the comment:


was too quick yesterday. Running a kernel with only the LOCK gave me a
lockup and:

[disgnostic] cache_lock: blocked on 0xffffffe0335ecbe8 "spwd.db".

With a new kernel (commit 2be58998960aaaebcfb7e65fea5bb3d4e9df904f) I
got during a "make buildworld ... make update":

Sep  1 08:43:59 dfly-h64 kernel: mpt0: request 0xffffffe010289600:40812 timed
out for ccb 0xffffffe01006c678 (req->ccb 0xffffffe01006c678)
Sep  1 08:44:23 dfly-h64 kernel: mpt0: attempting to abort req
0xffffffe010289600:40812 function 0
Sep  1 08:44:23 dfly-h64 kernel: mpt0: completing timedout/aborted req
Sep  1 08:44:23 dfly-h64 kernel: mpt0: abort of req 0xffffffe010289600:0 completed

So this system will run latest master (kernel and world) now. But it
will not be used much.

[ I have used it to port ghc to x86_64 and will use it to test
  pkg_rolling-replace from time to time, before doing the same on the
  desktop at home. ]

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