cu coredumps

Mark Cullen mark.cullen at
Wed Oct 27 10:01:46 PDT 2004

Timour Ezeev wrote:
 	You got the first case AFAIK, but for the second case you are loosing cp
 	when you assign it to tmp_cp. The possible solutions are:
Yeah, I didn't quite understand the second case. I was thinking that 
because cp is just a local variable which holds the /dev/cuaa1 part (for 
example) out of name (or atleast I think that's what it's doing), then 
it wouldn't matter too much if I lost what was previously in cp?

 	1. Create new temp holder (in else) for cp and free() it after
 	2. If you dont want to create a new pointer, swap pointers in plase,
 	   like this
 	(int)tmp_cp ^= (int)cp; (int)cp ^= (int)tmp_cp; (int)tmp_cp ^= (int)cp;
Pointers and dynamic memory allocation stuff still confuses me a bit, 
which isn't much of a suprise considering I have only had 4 weeks of C 
programming stuff at University, then they moved onto Matlab :(

What does the ^= mean in the above?

 	or something similar :)


Thanks for your help!

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