More MP problems.

David Rhodus sdrhodus at
Mon Oct 25 07:35:57 PDT 2004

On 25 Oct 2004 12:19:44 GMT, Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         So far so good.  It boots up, and it stayed up for about 30
> minutes while I did a "make -j4 buildworld".  Unfortunately, the CPU
> temperature rose above 60 degress Celcius, and the machine shut down :-)
> I'll give it another go later, making sure it can stay up for at least
> 24 hours :-)
> Adam

Do you not have any fans in that machine ?

                                            Steven David Rhodus
                                            <drhodus at xxxxxxxxxxx>

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